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Unlock the power of global talent access, stay flexible with Blueclip.

Find talents faster, avoid miss-hires, focus on your key objectives. Sky-rocket your productivity with cost affective rates.

Start Right Away, Within Days

Blueclip finds you the perfect talent within days unlike the ordinary recruiters.

It takes months for many traditional recruiters to screen, interview and hire the candidates demanded. There is a huge process to be operated for hiring even a single person. Blueclip optimizes this process with industry expertise and leveraging business tools and shares potential top candidates in days. Thanks to our know-how, you start working with the cherry-picked talents right-away.

Replacement Warranty

Not satisfied with the hiring? Let us maintain what you do at no extra cost.

One of the most important pains in running business is the miss-hirings or turn-over. Working with Blueclip is totally risk-free, you don’t have to think about how to maintain your team and keep turn-over ratio under control. We go and find you right people within days. Stay flexible with Blueclip

Enable Global Expansion at Cost-effective Rates

Do not get overcharged with traditional recruiters, we care for stability at Blueclip.

Maximizing profit is not the dimension we measure success at Blueclip. We pursue long-term and healthy relationships to let our partners grow sustainable. We use our industry expertise and advanced technologies to lower the cost of hiring and extend our muscles to all around the world for meeting our partners demands rapidly.

Fully Vetted, Culture Fit Candidates

Custom matching is a key to success. We care about your way of work, culture and values.

We screen thousands of potential candidates for just a single position. Detecting the best fit based on qualification and harmony requires lots of effort. Our wide talent database and know-how in employee sourcing enables us to maintain healthy relationship with talents and you.

All Inclusive HR Operations

Every minute is valuable. You focus your business, we focus your growth

HR tasks generally occupy your day and cause unexpected problems delaying your deadlines. At Bleuclip; we handle hiring, onboarding, payroll and all other works with caution. Leaving your focus on you core business, experience the ease of sustaining teams.

How it works?

Share your needs and objectives, receive a shortlist of talents in days.

Schedule a quick meeting with one of our experts and do cherry-picking

Only the trusted & experienced talents get accepted. Let's take a look at how we test

Every potential talent goes through well-planned hiring funnel. Thousands of profiles are taken into consideration. You do the cherry-picking



Identification of potential profiles

Talent is all around the world. Do not cap yourself with the geography you operate. We receive applications from our high quality channels around the globe and also we reach out to the right people. This process is 100% customized by your needs and objectives


CV Check and Quick Questions

New applicants answer a set of predefined questions, which allow us to filter only the best fit talents for interviews.


Initial interview

In the first interview, we test language & communication skills, experience relevance, cultural fit, motivation and alignment of values before we test the applicant’s technical capabilities.


We observe the talent in action: Case Study 

Candidate is shared an assignment to be analyzed. The assignment includes real life problems to be faced in the actual work including problem solving, language test, code reviews or a set of tailored questions to answer.


Customized interview

In this step, candidate is asked to elaborate more on the case study, decision making process in hypothetical actual work situations and more. Only less than 5% of the candidates make thru this step.


Onboarding & ongoing review

Our team members chat with our newcomers to give them a warm welcome. We also have frequent reviews of all of our team members with our partners to ensure high-quality, healthy and long-terms collaboration.

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